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About MCP Manufacturing Ltd.

MCP Manufacturing Ltd. in Guelph, Ontario, stays on the cutting edge of horticultural accessories design and innovation in North America's market. Read on to learn more about our company milestones:

Company Milestones

1978 - First Plastic Pea and Bean Trellis Mesh Are Introduced on the Canadian Market
1979 - Indoor Plant Support Is Designed and Introduced
1993 - World's First Adjustable Hoop Design of Peony Ring or Plant Support Is Unveiled; Pigtail Support with Unique Coil Top to Support Perennials
            and Smaller, Single-Stemmed Plants Is Introduced

1994 - Canada's First Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Steel Tube Arch Is Introduced
1996 - Delphinium Support Systems with Combination Pack Variations, Delphinium Combos, and Ultimate Plant Supports Are Introduced; Wall Supports Are Introduced in Two Size Variations; Canada's First DIY Obelisk Kit Is Introduced
1997 - Bi-Link™ Modular Plant Support Is Innovated
1997 - Alexandrinus™ Obelisk is Introduced and Remained the Least Expensive 3' DIY Obelisk Kit
1998 - Adjustable Container Stakes Are Designed and Introduced; Pre-Packed Burlap Screen Kits Are Introduced onto the Fall Market
1999 - Plant and Accessory Tree (PAT) Is Introduced and Designed to Enhance Store Marketing

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